1 April 2017

I see the sea...

I spent three and a half hours splashing about in the sea, showing all my pearly whites every now and then and trotting along a beach and through the waves, and drawing and writing gigantic words on the sand with a staff that got washed onto the beach right near my feet and I pretended to be a woman Moses but the sea did not part and so I just kept looking away at the sea and the sky and I could almost see words (I did in my mind) and images and was reminded most awfully of the utterly unexpected holiday at Pondicherry from the previous month and some songs too and words as well and even rather distant dreams. God knows why some songs keep following me around and from where they suddenly spring a well of memories and even memories of what never really happened. There has been Nazia's 'Boom boom' and John Denver's 'Annie's Song' and there's Jack Johnson with 'Upside down'. For the last one the whole video keeps playing in my head and I feel a little or a lot like Curious George...well, I don't quite feel like a monkey but I do feel like Curious George. Here's the video of the song - below:

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